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Safety - Lifting - Material Handling - Training - Installation - Inspection - Design - Engineering 

We proudly represent world class manufacturers that provide solutions

and services to everyday industrial, commercial, construction and safety challenges. 

Technical Sales Reps

Technical Sales Reps proudly represents brands trusted by contractors and companies across North America. We bring the technical skills and knowledge to the table, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your people and the success of your projects.  

About Technical Sales Reps

Technical Sales Reps specializes in new equipment sales, technical skills training, and providing safety related services to many well known companies on the west coast. Our understanding of equipment performance characteristics for safe operation in the material handling, crane, hoist, rigging, and fall protection industry is second to none. 

The following traits set Technical Sales Reps apart from the competition:

  • Technical knowledge with an unrivaled work ethic. 

  • Developing long term relationships with end users and our distributors who support them.

  • Overcoming real world challenges through the understanding of various manufacturers equipment and how they interface.

Technical Sales Reps might not be your first call, but we strive to be your last. We will do it right the first time. 

Contact Us

Technical Sales Reps, Inc.

Trevor Smith

(888) 591-1072

Regional Sales Manager

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